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Painting Your Business While It’s Open

While wanting to freshen up your business can cause a disruption to your day-to-day routine and operations, painting and renovations can be done when you carefully plan and prepare for the work to be done. 


Should you stay open?

Before you start with any painting or renovation project, it is important to do some additional research to see if legally you can remain open while painting or renovating your business. For businesses such as restaurants, you might not be able to remain open due to health and safety codes. 

We understand that your business space is important. Before starting a new project ask yourself, will I still have enough space to work in? Are there windows to help eliminate contamination? Will employees be able to continue working without any safety hazards? These are just a few of the many questions to keep in mind when you think about starting a new painting project in your business.



Before you start the repainting process, be sure to notify everyone that could potentially be affected by the job. Let your employees know and have any needed training to help ensure that your daily operations aren’t interrupted.

While it’s important to let your employees know what is going on, it is equally important to make sure that your customers are informed ahead of time to help minimize any complaints or issues that may happen during the repainting process. It also helps show that your company cares about maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, which will go a long way with your customer base.


Set Up Zones

While you may want to get the painting process done and over with, it is important to allow your commercial painting company to set up zones or designated areas where they’ll start painting and zones that they’ll continue to once each zone has finished being painted. Ensuring a set up and a plan will help eliminate any chaos or confusion that could add to or create stress for yourself, your employees and your customers.

Unoccupied Zones

If your area is large enough, you can set up a buffer zone to help separate the areas that are being painted from the rest of your business area. Creating separate areas will help lower noise levels, disruptions to those painting and your customers, as well as help control air quality within your business space.


Creating a Complaint System

Even with having a well thought out plan in place for your business’ paint job, you should anticipate that there might be complaints from customers. Anticipating this ahead of time can help you develop a system to help address any complaints that may arise and help your business avoid losing a client over a simple concern. You may want to consider designating one person to handle all responses to help ensure that your customers know that you value and appreciate their input. 


Providing Updates

Always keep your customers and employees updated with the painting progress. Progress reports should be communicated to your staff and customers through appropriate channels such as email, social media and even signage that can be viewed from your storefront and throughout the business area. Some customers might prefer to visit your business again once the painting process is completed. It is important to announce when your project is complete to help bring back any customers who may have been waiting for the final update before returning. 


If you’re looking to repaint your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Accent Painting. Our painting experts are committed to helping you make your project as easy and stress-free as possible and will work with your needs to get the job done. Call us today or fill out our form to receive your estimate today!



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